US Highway 83

Mark and I got out of North Dakota just ahead of the first snow of the year. Much to the dismay of my crew. See, I had committed to an auction sale long before Mark planned this trip. Shouldn’t have been a problem, but my elves were not impressed with having to serve sloppy joes and hot chocolate in freezing rain and snow. I received several text-threats!

So, nearly 1200 miles down US Highway 83, we are at our last stop before the 6666 Ranch and the annual Return to the Remuda Sale. I hear a lot about how one should avoid 83. It is boring. There’s tons of road construction. The scenery never changes. You have to slow down for all the little towns.

But Mark and I have really enjoyed it. We have had few delays due to construction. Granted, the Central Plains states don’t have the breath taking scenery of the mountains or the ocean. But having been raised on the plains, we can appreciate the shades of gold and brown of harvest time. And the rolling brown hills that seem barren but have fed generations of cattle. All the way through South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas the topography strongly resembles parts of North Dakota. There are some differences, of course, like the huge feed lots in Kansas or the fields of milo or millet, but they all still feel a bit like home. Slowing down for all the towns doesn’t bother us. Sure beats speeding down the interstate and missing all of the culture and character of rural America.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much chance for taking pictures along the way. I’ve tried, but 70 mph and dirty windows isn’t conducive to good photograhy! I’m hoping to remedy that tomorrow at the ranch!

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6 Responses to US Highway 83

  1. This post started stirring the “I must be on the road” feeling! 🙂 Hope your trip is safe and you enjoy all the sights Highway 83 has to offer!

  2. Kathy says:

    When Larry and I have gone to Texas for the winter we driove highway 83 every year and everytime we enjoyed the drive,I love seeing the feedlots, always amazes me how a y cattle they hold. Sounds like you r having a great trip. Drive safe.

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