Auction Sale Time

Our circus was in full swing today. One of our side acts is selling concessions at auction sales. They range from retirement farm sales, ranch sales, estate sales to moving sales. Today it was a ranch sale. Not a big one.

There were a couple of nice tractors. A bunch of haying equipment. Some smaller, well-used equipment.

Some of the sales we cook for are for large farmers. Lots of big, expensive equipment.

But one thing I have found is that it doesn’t matter if the sale is small or large, moving or estate sale, ranch or household, nice equipment or old, worn-out junk, sale day is a BIG day for the owners.

They sort through years of memories, be it hours spent on a swather or years seated around a kitchen table. Then they have to line it all up for friends, neighbors and perfect strangers to sift through, place a monetary value on and haul away to a new home. Emotions range from excitement to disappointment to pride to exhaustion. Some are happy events, some are not. One thing that seems to be a common denominator is relief when the day is over.

We do what we can to keep stomachs from growling.

Funny, we tend to go through the same emotions! Anticipation for what the day will bring, sometimes disappointment, sometimes pleasure, always relief and exhaustion!

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3 Responses to Auction Sale Time

  1. I love auctions. I hate why they’re usually having to be held, though! It looks like it’s still very dry where you’re at! Darn!

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