Well Frosted Baby

Ashton turned one on Friday. We celebrated on Saturday. His Nana Lori made the cutest monkey cake for him.

It didn’t take much encouragement to get Ashton to dig in!

Big sister Madison is getting a real 4-wheeler so Grandpa Mark thought Ashton should have one, too! Look out, Sis!














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3 Responses to Well Frosted Baby

  1. Oh my gosh!! Too cute! Makes me anxious to see our grand baby. Have to be patient…

    • Is this your first? I’m excited for you! I have no doubts you will be an amazing grandma. Might not get any blogging done, though cuz you’ll be too busy playing!

      • Yep, it’s our first. Seems like only yesterday that I was pregnant with Jamie (the mama). The first thing I thought of, though, was I’ll only get to hold it for about 6 weeks and then won’t see it again until we get home in Sept. It’ll be half grown! đŸ™‚

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