Room With a View

This is the view from my bedroom window. Aren’t I the luckiest girl ever? I’ve only gotten to enjoy it from my lawn chair (this view) exactly 4 times this summer. But at least I know it is still out there, just outside my door.

These photos really don’t do it justice. But then, if you got the real, full effect, everyone would want to be on my deck!

If I turn my head when reclining on my chair, Quickfire Hydrangea catches my attention. The large pot of basil right next to the chair has a wonderful calming effect. I was so relaxed, I forgot to take a picture of it!

The large Potato Bush with its bright blue blossoms is the cheeriest plant ever!

Fall is in the air. Today I cut back the potato bush, moved in the begonias and am prepared to let the mandevilla and geraniums submit to frost. Winter will be long and cold and dull.

But next summer I will look out and see blue and pink and red and yellow and lots of green. Lucky me!

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1 Response to Room With a View

  1. Lucky you! I wish when I came home from Montana my yard looked like that. One of these days, I going to do a post about my yard! đŸ™‚ P.S. Do you hire out??

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