Apple Time

I am full of wonderful intentions. I plan on getting up at 6 every morning and walking. I’m going to quit drinking beverages with aspartame. This year I will prune all of my trees properly. Next week I will start riding horse again. In the spring I will NOT plant too many containers to clutter up my deck.

But my bed is so warm and comfortable in the morning. That Diet Coke can is screaming its siren song to me. The prime time to prune is also the prime time for everything else! I’ll just lose a few more pounds before I get back on that horse. And there is always just one more plant I must have on my deck to see how it flourishes through our summers.

And how many times have I picked apples and had to throw them away because they have rotted? (or just not picked them at all!) But this time they got picked (and guarded by my trusty apple-loving dog).

So I dug out my grandmother’s recipe for apple crisp and started peeling.

An hour later I had a lovely mound of crisp ivory slices.

A bit of cinnamon,

more than a bit of butter, brown sugar and flour later,

and I had nine pans filled. Should have used more butter.

Oops! I almost forgot the finished product! Yep, should have used more butter.

Shall we take bets on the grape harvest?

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2 Responses to Apple Time

  1. Holly Mawby says:

    oooo, how I miss our apple tree and the 30 to 40 pies it used to put in the freezer each year – our grapes too and the grape jelly and juice we used to make! Hopefully, with what we have planted in our new location we’ll be back in the apple pie and grape juice business in a few years. Congrats on getting it all done!

  2. Nine crisps are not nearly as much work as 40 pies! And the grapes aren’t done yet, but, boy the juice smells great. I have extra grapes if you want to come get them!

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