I feel like I’ve been a bit lazy for the past month. Yeah, I’ve done ‘stuff.’ I’ve done a couple of lunches. Watered some. Watered some more. Dumped some worn out plants. Done some book work.

But Mark and I had our trip to Montana. I’ve gotten to sleep in some. I’ve even had time to walk every day when I’ve been home. I haven’t been home all that much. Montana, Minnesota, a day to Bismarck, a couple in Minot. I could really get used to this!

However, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler. Time to think of putting plants to bed and heating up the kitchen for the fall baking season.

My brother Nathan was home over the Labor Day weekend. He is so much fun to have around. Good help, too!

We had to lift all the pavers at our cabin down at the Mouse River. Nathan was pretty proud of his part in the job. Mark and I were both pretty happy for the help!

I’ve always considered myself lucky to have Nathan as my own, only sibling. Okay, not always. After all, he is my brother; it wouldn’t be normal if as kids we didn’t have our moments of “Mom, he touched my food!” or “Dad, Nathan pulled my hair!” Of course, those were always one-sided fights  – sort of. You see, Nathan never has talked. Ever. So he has never been able to tell his side of the story! Not that he hasn’t gotten even in his own ways. He has. He used to love waking me up in the morning at 7 am when he was home on weekends from the North Dakota School for the Deaf. I do not like waking up early in the morning! Or I would open a new can of pop and he would immediately take a drink out of it. It instantly became his. I wasn’t going to get his germs!

But his inability to tattle on me is just a tiny little bonus to having a brother like Nathan. He has taught me so much about tolerance of those who are not quite ‘normal.’ He has taught me patience and acceptance of the way things are. Nathan is happy with simple things, like helping do dishes or hooking up a trailer or watching people. He loves watching ‘Shrek’ and ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail’. We share a passion for spaghetti!

Nathan is a large part of who I am. I am so grateful God did not give me a ‘normal’ brother. On the other hand, I sure wouldn’t have minded those deep brown eyes and his ability to eat pounds and pounds of pasta and potatoes and still weigh only 130 pounds!

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12 Responses to Nathan

  1. Lynn Krueger says:

    It is good to hear he is doing well. I was at NDSD when he was in school.

  2. Laura says:

    This is awesome Sonja. You are both so blessed to have each other and your VERY loving family!!!! I missed seeing Nathan this year.

  3. Lynette says:

    He taught us all a lot. He was especially happy when he had a job to do. I’m sure he was great help

  4. David Halseth says:

    I remember him as a student at NDSD. He was a good kid to be around them. It’s nice to read about his sister’s writing.

  5. L. Bakken says:

    Truly a lovely story about you and your brother Nathan. Thank you for reminding us about things that matter most in life. I give thanks daily for family and friends. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for posting pictures of Nathan – he looks great! L. Bakken, NDSD

  6. Lisa Hendrickson says:

    It is wonderful to hear from him. He always had a big smile for everyone at the NDSD. He looks so good :0) Lisa (Benz) Hendrickson NDSD ’86

  7. Jane owens says:

    Thanks for letting us meet your awesome brother through “your eyes”. Have a great rest of your weekend

  8. Pat Ramsdell says:

    What a neat brother and great story about your love for him

  9. Brian says:

    He’s a Great guy! He graduated with me in 1988 🙂 Great to hear that hes doing great!!

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    Keep up the good writing.

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