A couple of weeks ago Mom called me late in the afternoon. “We need to go on a rescue mission!” Uh-huh. Not sure what level of rescue I’m up to these days. It turns out that her annual visitors had cleaned her out of house and home. No food left!

Mom has a butterfly weed (Asclepias) in her front yard and a large standing in the back. Each year she sees a few Monarch butterflies stopping to sample her offerings.

This is before dinner. Looks tasty, doesn’t it!

Then the caterpillars start eating.

They must have liked it!

So Mom called and said there were 32 little munchers on the bare stalks. She collected them, rushed them out to the farm and we gave them new accommodations.

They seemed pleased enough, but most had disappeared within a day or so. I wish I knew where they like to make their cocoons. I’ve seen a few butterflies, but never when I have my camera, of course.

So my question is, where their bellies full, therefore they wandered off to start on the next stage of their lives? Or did my butterfly weed not taste as good as mom’s? Did we rescue them or just interupt them?

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