What Happened?

I’m not exactly sure where I have been for the past eight weeks! June 1 was my last short post and it really seems even longer ago than that to me. We’ve had a tiger by the tail in more than one ring of my three-ring circus!

The Flower House had a wonderful season due to good weather, finally. And The Prairie Bistro served more meals than ever before! We would get done with a record-setting lunch, then turn around and have more diners the next day. All very good, but exhausting!

But things are settling down a bit and I’m a bit more relaxed. Last night we had an engagement party for Kaitlin and Kurtis.

And today Mark and I took Brown Betty for a Sunday Drive.

Betty really wasn’t impressed with all the big trucks in the field south of our farm. She doesn’t see much need for all the hustle and bustle!

I think we enjoyed our horsepower more than the grain cart driver did!

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  1. Fun seeing harvest pictures on your posting!!

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