Happy May Day!

I love May Day. It always makes me think of my Great Aunt Marian. When I was little we would make May Baskets. Usually Marian would have some strawberry baskets she had saved. We would line them with pretty napkins, add some paper flowers or feminine ribbons. Next went in some jelly beans and maybe some chocolate. When they were done was the scary part (I was always a bit timid). Each of the neighbors on her quiet street would have a tiny basket hung on the door. I would ring the bell and run! Alice and Claire, Winston and Lynette, Ann and Jim never caught me!

This May Day the daffodils are showing their cheery faces in the rare bit of sunshine we have had lately. I love the buttery yellow and the fact the deer don’t like them!

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2 Responses to Happy May Day!

  1. I used to help my girls make May Day baskets. We’d pop popcorn and pick the wild pansies and then the girls would load them up in their little red wagon and deliver them around town. Tonight when I was outside, I found a basket created by someone I don’t know and it just warmed my heart!! The tradition still carries on. 🙂 (but, I miss those days of doing it with my girls)

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