A Lovely Day for a Drive!

I know I’ve sort of dropped of the face of the blog-world. Two rings of my three ring circus have been crazy busy. Ever since we got plants in the first week in March there have not been enough hours in the day. I think about what I’ll write nearly everyday, but……..

It didn’t take long to fill up three greenhouses with little plants that all of a sudden aren’t so little. These are plugs waiting to be planted up.

There has not been nearly enough time with a couple of munchkins.

The last two weeks have been particularly hectic with 10 container classes at The Flower House Garden Center and we started serving lunches at The Prairie Bistro.

But today, although we struggled to keep up with watering, was a bit more relaxed. The weather was finally sunny and warm with no wind. It has been so wet and miserable lately. So Mark decided to hook up the brown mare to his new wagon and go for a ride.

And then he took me for a drive.

And then he went for another drive!

He never did wipe the smile off his face!

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4 Responses to A Lovely Day for a Drive!

  1. Linda says:

    He DOES look happy…..maybe you should take a trip up here in May (May isn’t busy is it (snicker)) there’s a sale down the road from us with a bunch of really great buggy’s and wagons…..harness too.

  2. I don’t dare tell Mark! We’ll be on the road and I wouldn’t have a job when I got home!

  3. What a fun day! Would love to go for a drive, but difficult her in the hills. Better stick to trail riding I guess. And don’t feel bad about being behind on blogging. We all DO have a life outside of computer screens!

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