Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! I know the calendar says it isn’t for a couple of weeks, but to me spring always comes on March 6. That was my grandma’s birthday and it is the earliest I have ever seen flowers bloom outdoors in North Dakota. Bright pansies peeking through the snow. I think I mentioned it last year when we got our first batch of pansies into the greenhouse.

Last Thursday our first shipment of plants showed up. Some dipladenia – one of my favorite summer flowers – and some juncus. This week all of the geranium plugs will show up and expect a nice warm greenhouse and lots of tender loving care.

Last week’s snow, which was almost all of our snow this weird winter, is melting away with the warm weather and sunshine. The stock plants have been brought out from under the grow lights and the cannas, amaryllis, ismene, caladium and oxalis have been repotted and watered. Soon the greenhouse will have that wonderful, earthy soil-smell and our fingers will be perpetually stained from potting-up.

It doesn’t look quite like this yet, but it won’t be long!

Happy Birthday Grandma (and Linda!) and Happy Spring!

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1 Response to Happy Spring!

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks! and Happy Birthday to your Grandma too! I was in Wally World this afternoon and they had geraniums out already……as it stormed like mad outside. I would love to visit a real greenhouse about now and get my hands dirty 😉

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