Ashton and his Baptismal Gown

The youngest Stromswold was baptised on Saturday night in front of family and friends. Ashton Mark was such a good boy! No tears, no fuss, no sleeping. Just wide eyes and lots of interest in everything going on about him.

Here he is admiring his baptismal gown, which has a story behind it. His great-grandfather had been in the US Air force as a young man. He was parachuting and his parachute failed. He was able to open his reserve parachute, which saved his life. The Air Force allowed him to keep the parachute. Dallas brought it home and his fiance Betty had her wedding dress made of the fabric from the ‘chute.  They also had a baptismal gown made from the white material and all four of their children wore it, as have most of their grandchildren. Both Madison and Ashton represent the third generation who have been blessed in this lucky gown.

Welcome to God’s Family Ashton!

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