Post Valentine’s Day

I always plan a wonderful post about the ‘events’ we stage at The Prairie Bistro or The Flower House Garden Center. Beforehand I think about the photos I’ll take (wonderful, of course) and the enticing descriptions of the sounds, smells and smiles of the evening (or day). And, of course, I’ll quickly write up something to post immediately after we are done serving, cleaning up, etc.  That’s the right way to do it, isn’t it?

Being realistic isn’t one of my virtues. I always think I can get twice as many things done in a day as is truly possible. And I always forget how either scattered or tired I am when all the work is over. I also am very good at forgetting how long it really takes to get everything put away in its proper spot so that I can turn around and take it out again in a few days! And as far as taking photos goes, when it’s all over I remember that I forgot.

So here it is a couple of days after our Valentine’s Dinner for Two at The Prairie Bistro. Kaitlin and Judy spent Monday decking the place out for the holiday. Our perfect fresh Christmas tree turned into a Valentine’s tree.

Tuesday Robbie made all the sides, Kaitlin did the creme brulee, I made rolls, Judy peeled carrots, cut menus, cleaned votives.

By 5 o’clock we were ready to go. Mark and Willie cranked up the grill, Lori kept the food coming out of the kitchen and Kaitlin and I tried to keep up with orders. All of a sudden it was 10:30, I realized I didn’t take a single picture of the dining room full of sweethearts, didn’t light the tea lights and forgot to keep the music going! After an event like this, I make a mental note to remember to be patient with wait staff at other restaurants when I am on the other side of the table.

And I think my age is showing because it took a full 48 hours for me to get enough energy up to post about our dinner! But we had a great time and most of our customers seemed to as well. I’ve got everything washed, polished and put in its place. Now we get to do it again tomorrow night!

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