This is more like it.

Okay, I know. When my husband reads this post, he’s gonna have a fit. He hates snow. A few flakes for Christmas (not enough to accumulate) is enough for him. There are an awful lot more like him around here. They have loved this brown winter. Given all the flooding in 2011, I’m more accepting of it than I would usually be. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a lover of snow. It just makes me a bit nervous when things are not as they should be.


Last Friday we got rain, then snow. Roads were miserable. The way they were for six months last year. But it looks clean and right. I’m not looking for eight foot snow drifts. Just a foot or two to protect what’s underground.

This butterfly weed (asclepias) will be much more willing to shoot up succulant foliage to attract Monarch butterflies next summer if it can rest under a bit of snow.

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