This strange winter is getting more like a real winter. No snow yet, but the temperatures are dropping.

Yesterday there were sundogs. They were nearly a rainbow, glowing from the ground up on both sides of the lowering sun. Normally they are up high in the sky, just bright spots complimenting the sun. They indicate cold weather; something to do with ice crystals in the air. Brrrrr!

Feeding horses hasn’t been bad this winter. It hasn’t been hard to pick a nice day to haul four or five bales out to the feeders and the low spots.

My bakeshop project is to prepare something for the Girl Scout’s Death by Chocolate competition in a few weeks. Should it be ooey, gooey, crunchy, crispy, smooth, light, rich? Hmmmm. Guess Mark will be getting chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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1 Response to Sundogs

  1. Linda says:

    I made unbaked peanut butter bars topped with Ghirarelli chocolate…they meet the ooey, gooey and rich…..I’d change the recipe and put finely chopped dates to the peanut butter layer……that would make them healthy…….wouldn’t it?

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