Yes, but………

Everyone is loving the weather this winter. We had a bit of snow in November. Not much. December was unseasonably warm as is January so far. Usually we have a few feet of snow and are belly aching about below zero temperatures. Not this year! I think it has only dipped below zero once and that was at night. I’m pretty sure it has been above 40 nearly half a dozen times since Christmas. After the miserable winter last year this is pretty nice!

The display bed is normally under a lovely  pile of snow.

Armeria (Sea Thrift) is evergreen but would love some snow cover so it can rest a bit.

But this is what makes me nervous. Some brave crocus think it is spring. I hope they get a nice snow cover before it turns really cold again. Many plants can tolerate our 40 below winters. It is the freezing and thawing cycle that kills them. Looks like we’ll be replanting a lot of perennials next spring!

Oh, but it is nice to go out with only a light sweater on!



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1 Response to Yes, but………

  1. dayphoto says:

    I’m rather worried myself. We are melting and melting fast here. Most stuff is still under snow, but if the continues…. the other worry is we will get HUGE wet snow storms in March when we should be drying out so farming can start. We like to start working the ground the first week in March. I guess time will tell.


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