Happy Thanksgiving!

Amidst all the chaos of my oh-so-daily life I need to take note today and everyday of all of the wonderful things in my life for which to be grateful. I am blessed with a happy marriage, healthy family and wonderful, devoted friends. I am free to have my own business, say what I like and worship as I please in a free, if somewhat confused country. Four diverse seasons keep me from being bored with my environment. I am greedy and always want more, but I really have plenty!

Last weekend Kaitlin and I traveled the 325 miles to Fargo for our third Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase. This is the most daunting stage. It seems like no matter how many times we do this, we always have to change a little something or tweak this or that. Kaitlin and Kendra got right after it and before long everything was in its spot!

We had a fantastic show in Fargo and are hoping for the same in Bismarck next weekend.

After the Alberta Clipper that came through last weekend, we have had some unseasonably warm weather, about which no one is complaining! It was in the 50s yesterday and today. I worked outside with only a light sweater today. Mark and I finally finished putting all the plastic on the south greenhouse today. One more thing to check off the list (and to be thankful for!).

My elves have been very busy getting orders sent off and baking for the next show. The website (www.sonjasbakeshop.com) has been hopping since last week and lots of phone orders are coming in. This is the time of year I panic a bit wondering how it will all get done, but somehow it does. Like magic! That’s what elves are for!

One of my blogging friends requested a photo of my finished fruitcake.

This is the Cathedral Cake. It is a recipe I brought home from New Zealand. If you slice it thin and hold it up to the light, it looks like a cathedral window. This one is my favorite.

This is Barb’s Fruitcake. This recipe is from a family friend. It is mostly raisins and nuts. Mom’s favorite! Neither cake has much actual cake, mostly just fruit and nuts. Which is very apropos for our organization!

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