First snow and fruitcake

Kaitlin keeps humming the Circus Theme. I can’t imagine why. We have two Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases under our belts. Grand Forks was alright. Minot last weekend was very busy. My elves have been very busy, both in the kitchen and helping me at the shows. Last night there were seven of us in the kitchen trying to get us out the door for the Fargo show this weekend.

Fruitcake has been giving us trouble. Yes, we make and actually sell fruitcake. And people really do eat it. But some of the fruit has been hard to get and the price of nuts has skyrocketed. The Cathedral Cake is a recipe I brought home from New Zealand twenty some years ago. There is so much fruit in it if you hold a slice up to light, it looks like a cathedral window.

We’ve had our first real snow of the season. We have had such a nice, long fall, but winter has landed full force. The roads were horrible on Tuesday. I was glad most of it broke off before we left this morning.

We have been getting steel put on the roof of our house. The poor guys have had some really nasty weather to deal with; wind, 2 degrees above zero this morning, snow.  But they have been very good natured. One of them even brought us dinner today. Awesome spaghetti and meatballs. I wonder if we can find anything else for them to roof? Or maybe they can just cook for us!

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2 Responses to First snow and fruitcake

  1. Linda says:

    We had the deck tinned (that’s what we call doing it here) over at the other house last week and its a good thing too because it’s snowing and blowing here this week. I made my fruitcake Saturday and Sunday. The glazed cherries were a little more expensive and I know the nuts are up too but I buy them in bulk and can’t remember last years price.

  2. dayphoto says:

    I hope the snow stays away a little longer here. Some of the neigbors in the area are still getting thier corn out. Your photo is beautiful alothough cold looking.

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