Greenhouse Covering

Monday was all about trying to get every last outside job done before the weather turned on us. Kaitlin plowed through the list I made for her: put hoses away, stack benches, cut off peonies, leveled gravel in the alleys. Then on the way up to lunch I realized that there was virtually no wind. A very rare day in North Dakota. All the more precious because we still had one greenhouse that needed covering. That is a very long story, but the short form is that we built it 2 years ago, everything went wrong that could go wrong and when we finally did get it covered spring of 2010, the plastic was too short and only held for about three weeks. A poorly fastened piece of plastic 70 feet by 42 feet does not last long in a 60 mile per hour wind! It pulled up hoops out of the ground and twisted all sorts of things. I turned my back on it and pretended it wasn’t there for several months. Very mature, don’t you think?

 Anyway, this fall we’ve put the structure to rights and as the days have ticked by I’ve been sure that we’d never get it covered this fall. So Monday when we realized that there was no wind we got together a few poor souls who couldn’t find an excuse not to come (the hardest part of covering a house is getting people at the last minute to help). Six of us pulled two sheets of plastic over the hoops and they just laid there while we straightened them and fastened them down. We didn’t get the end walls in, but they won’t take long and the wind won’t bother if we don’t get them in soon.

Of course, I forgot to take pictures during the covering (I might have gotten run off by the help). We’ll try to get the endwalls in on Saturday, weather permitting.

We are also busy making cookies for our first Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase in Grand Forks next weekend. Yesterday I made three kinds of shortbread and Robbie scooped and rolled Molasses Spice cookies. This time I actually intend to take them with me!

This is Cranberry Orange Shortbread in the form Mark made for me. He also made the rollers to cut them with.

Last night my caramel wrapping elves put away almost 80 pounds of Sea Salt, Creamy and Licorice caramels in two hours! I have a few dedicated ladies who fit a night or two a week into their busy lives during baking season to wrap caramels and package cookies and candy for me. There is always lots of laughter and good story-telling while those fingers are flexing! Mark tends to steer clear of the bakeshop those nights ;).

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3 Responses to Greenhouse Covering

  1. Val says:

    Licorice caramels!?!? My FaVoRiTe!

  2. Linda says:

    There is lots of those hoop greenhouses east of us and I’ve often wondered how they stood up in a wind. I can’t imagine why Mark would steer clear with all that help to help 😉

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