Window Washing

I find it horribly disheartening that window washing requires an inherent talent like throwing a rope or opera singing do. I suppose that practice would help, but really, if I don’t have the knack, why torture myself?

Yes, this photo is in focus. I was focusing on the streaks. Can’t believe I’m actually posting this! I wash inside, then go outside and crawl up on the ladder. Then I see all the streaks I left inside. So I go back in and smear them around some more. Then go back out and smear those around. The dirt is gone, but those darn streaks just won’t go away! Mark is really good at windows and I usually hold out until he can’t stand them anymore and washes them himself. Guess I’ll do that next time.

Yesterday Mark and Kaitlin and I worked our last auction sale for the season. It was a very long day of flipping burgers, frying french fries, pouring gallons of coffee and spending most of our time trying not to blow away. At least it wasn’t horribly cold or snowy. But we were very relieved to be done. It was the longest sale we have done, not finishing until after 6 pm. There was not a lot of ‘good’ stuff on the sale (Mark didn’t even buy anything 😉 ) but the sheer quantity of stuff was overwhelming. The old gentleman whose property it was must never have thrown anything away! Hope that’s not us someday! 

Today was a beautiful autumn day. (I guess that’s why I tried washing windows ;)) We drove down to the Mouse River Park this morning to bring home the water pump. On the way down we saw a pair of moose ambling along the road.

I think they are majestic, but they are extraordinarily dangerous on the highways (a friend was killed a couple of years ago when she and her husband hit one on their motorcycle) and another friend dreads their roaming through her pastures as they terrify her horses. Horses will not eat hay that either moose or deer have been near.

Even though most of the landscape is brown and dreary – we are not fortunate enough to have lots of fall color here – are still a few bursts of color to be found.

A self-sown patch of California poppies is blooming ferociously, even more than they did this summer.

Here’s another fall blooming aster; Purple Dome. This one is taller than the Wood’s Aster I mentioned in my last post. It stays nice and tight and does not fall apart in the middle like so many other tall ones.

And it keeps blooming for such a long time!


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3 Responses to Window Washing

  1. Linda says:

    We see the odd moose here…….usually a bull and on his way to somewhere. Thanks for the reminder… windows are in dire need of washing and I find myself doing the same as you…..streaking 😦 I’m really going to have to pick your brain about container plants and I’m also going to see if the greenhouse has both of these asters in the spring….thanks!

  2. dayphoto says:

    I just got meself up (two days ago) and washed my windows…streaks everywhere when the sun came one. Today it doesn’t matter anymore…it’s been raining and spitting snow for two days and two nights now.

    Good for the window streaks and the ground, but now I really need to do them over again!


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