Fall is in the Air!

It’s finally feeling like fall around here. We’ve had uncharacteristically late frosts. Last night was our first really hard frost.  It’s nice having warmish days, but we keep putting off some of the ‘fall’s work’ and I’m afraid we’ll be frantic when winter hits. Kaitlin and I started ‘putting the perennials to bed’ yesterday. We usually wait until after a hard frost to cut off the tops, push the labels into the pots and move everything together so we can cover for winter.

Around the 15th of November we lay sort of a frost blanket over the whole mess, pray for good snowfall and forget about them until April.

As much as I love fall colors – yellows, oranges, bronzes – there is something extra cheery about fall blooming asters. This lovely little specimen is Woods Blue.

Tonight we turned the furnace on in the headhouse (it was The Prairie Bistro tonight!) and served dinner to the Renville County Farmers Union board of directors. It’s always tough to throw that switch the first time! And it is frustrating this time of year when we have heat running on the seating side and air conditioning in the kitchen because the range is heating everything up! Very efficient. 😦

We made our first batches of Scandinavian cookies for the season. Berliner Kranser and fattigmand last night and krumkake today. Together with sandbakkels and danish vanilla slices, these cookies made up a So Scandinavian basket for a birthday gift. ‘Tis the season!

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1 Response to Fall is in the Air!

  1. Linda says:

    I lost my fall aster…..I’ll have to look for another so I’ll keep the Wood’s Blue in mind. You’re just a baking machine 😉

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