October Sweet Peas

Yesterday was Mark’s birthday. I think he had a pretty good day. I got home late Saturday night from the craft show in Williston. Then we had to get up at 4:30 to put roasts in the oven for a church lunch The Prairie Bistro catered on Sunday. I was tired all day Saturday just thinking about it, but that doesn’t bother Mark at all. Then I got up again at 7 to start the potatoes and corn, put the broccoli salad together and finish off the rolls. We delivered the meal to a small church 25 miles away in Antler. It is an older congregation and they really liked the idea of having someone else do the work!

Back home I had to do some superficial cleaning (the only kind I do anymore) so that when the family showed up for birthday dinner Madison didn’t whisper to her mother that “Grandma’s floor is dirty”! It has happened before and very likely will happen again, but I really didn’t want it to happen this time!

Madison and Grandpa had ordered crab legs, shrimp and broccoli for birthday dinner so it really was pretty simple. Entertainment was provided by watching Grandpa coo over 3 week old Ashton.

This one is proud papa Shay and Uncle Kyle. Grandpa is still being camera shy.

Madison and I went out to pick sweet peas. They were pathetic all summer and suddenly in the last couple of weeks they have really flourished. And they smell heavenly! Madison also played with lots of ‘callipillars’. I’m hoping that the old stories about abundant caterpillars and abundant snowfall have no basis in truth! 😉


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