Road Trip

We’ve been busy doing plenty of things to write about, but I haven’t been able to get much for pictures. Either it hasn’t been an appropriate time or place or my photography skills have been very poor!

Mark has been on a mission to get a good driving horse. We picked up a gelding a year ago from an Amish horse trader in southern Minnesota. Bud drove alright, but kept forgetting he is a gelding (thought he was a stud). That didn’t work out real well aroung here with all the mares and a real stud on the place. Too much stress!

So a week ago Sunday we went down to Velva (after a quick trip to visit Ashton, of course) and tried out a team of Morgan 3-year-olds, Summer and Sara. They were really fun, amazingly broke for their age. They went under train bridges with trains going over, gave rides to kids, met semis on the highway and really stepped out nice. But they are just three and we really wish they were a bit older.

So last week we went back to Minnesota, 700 miles, returned our gelding and picked up a nice 10-year-old Standardbred mare. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get photos of her hooked up to the buggy because it was too dark and we were in too much of a hurry the next morning to play around at all.

We also hauled back a team for a friend. Although a small pair, Molly and Mae are a little bigger than Mark and I are used to!

We wished it could be a more leisurely trip. We don’t really get away often and Minnesota is beautiful this time of year. Winding roads and colorful foliage are not part of our prairie landscape! But 14 hours of drive time with horses in the trailer meant we had to keep moving; except for those two tack stores, of course! I mean, you’ve got to stop and take a break once in a while, right?

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