Babies, Bistro and Branding

The Pride of Dakota Harvest Showcase in Dickinson last weekend was a success, even if I did leave my best cookies behind! The event helped motivate me a bit to get back into the swing of the fall baking season. Mom & I made it home Sunday night without hitting any deer. It took all day Monday to unpack, clean up, re-pack. And, of course, glare at the freezer full of cookies that should be in someone else’s home.

Mark went with our trainer 275 miles to Elgin to help a rancher freeze brand about 30 horses. We have used freeze brands for about 10 years and are really happy with the results; less discomfort for the horse and not hard to do if you are prepared properly.

It’s been a week for babies. My step-brother and his wife had a baby girl on Monday; their first. And today Ashton Mark Stromswold made his way into the world. That makes grandchild number two. We don’t get to see him until tomorrow night, but I promise there will be pictures then! His 5 year old sister Madison is pretty excited (almost as much as Grandpa!). Grandpa and I are horse people, his parents are more into motorcycles, so we’ll just have to see which direction he can be guided!

It’s also a busy week for The Prairie Bistro. We served a lunch yesterday, Red Hats dinner tonight, then catering a couple more offsite meals this weekend. It’s fun to get the dining area all spiffed up for guests, but I really don’t mind the offsite stuff, ‘cuz there is a lot less prep and clean up!

This is a view of the dining area at The Prairie Bistro/Flower House Garden Center. It is actually a mid-summer photo, as you can tell from the bright sun light. We switch over to cloth tablecloths for evening meals and ‘fancy’ it up a bit. I always get busy with the food prep and forget to get photos! And I refuse to take pictures of customers eating, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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2 Responses to Babies, Bistro and Branding

  1. dayphoto says:

    Great photos and one a different note….your brand is not HUGE which is nice to see.


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