August 23, 2011

I really thought that as the summer progressed I’d have more time for blogging. The greenhouse is only open by chance or appointment so that should give me more time, right? We’ve had some catering events, but no longer serve lunch six days a week. That should give me more time, right? The baking season hasn’t started yet. That should give me more time, right? Somehow,  I think I need to study up on time management, cuz I can’t seem to get it right!

Mark & I did get a weekend away over the 13th and 14th of August. We went to Bismarck/Mandan, chilled for a bit, and went to the annual Chuck Suchy concert at the Bohemian hall south of Mandan. He is a folk singer from North Dakota and he had several other North Dakota entertainers join him for an outdoor concert. The weather was perfect, the music was wonderful and we enjoyed ourselves fully. I’m sure it is the most relaxed we have been in a very, very  long time.

We drove through the Badlands on Sunday on our way to Williston for a company picnic for Mark’s work. I always wonder what the settlers to our prairies thought when they came across the grasslands  and suddenly hit the rough terrain of the “badlands”. There is really no transition, just prairie, then canyons.

Back home we are working at catching up on projects and on maintainance. Our lovely pole fence that we put up several years ago will keep us warm this winter. We really will miss the look it gave the farmyard, but it was falling apart badly.

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4 Responses to August 23, 2011

  1. Linda says:

    We have badlands here too………prairie……then badlands. I think the older we get the busier life becomes. I know I don’t move as fast as I once did but I also know I have a bigger list!

    • I always think that life can’t get any busier, then it does. Everyone I talk to says the same thing. It must be more age than busy-ness! I certainly don’t move as fast as I used to, either. Need more sleep, too.

  2. dayphoto says:

    Terry and I too find that we work just as hard or even harder as we get older, but we still never seem to find all the time we need. 😦

    We hope to get to the badlands sometime soon, like after the beans are harvested and before the corn season starts!


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