View from a lawn chair

Tell me why I don’t spend more time in this lawn chair. I can’t see any dust bunnies, dirt chunks or dirty dishes from here.

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7 Responses to View from a lawn chair

  1. ReNae Wheeler says:

    I totally agree. Pat and I love to spend time by our pond feed our fish – great for lowering blood pressure!!

  2. I once heard that, if you’re a homeowner, “there’s nowhere you can sit where you don’t see something that has to be done!” You found a lovely spot that defies this saying. (Must have been caught up on your WEEDING!)

    John R. My humorous photoblog:

    • What I realized just after I took the photograph was that there is a tall quack grass seed head sticking up above the false sunflowers, just begging to be pulled! I’d still rather look at that than dust bunnies inside.

  3. Linda says:

    Then I see weeds and the hedge that needs clipped….


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