July 24, 2011

I swore I was going to get my house clean today. Really. I did intend to. Honestly. But first we had to run down to the Park and do a bit of clean up and put a lock on the neighbor’s cabin. And commiserate with friends who were gutting out their moldy home on the river. And see a bit of hope in a log that was sprouting, blooming flower pots which had sat under water for three weeks, caragana seedlings (I usually hate seeing them!).

Then we ran to Minot to help Shay pull out wet wiring. Not hard work (for Mark & me, Shay did all the tough stuff), but it took awhile. Barney held down the fort while we were gone.

It’s a rough life he leads! If only he would use that great big tail to sweep the floor or wash windows.

Last week the humidity was 100% a couple of days. One morning the grass was full of little tiny mushrooms. My focus wasn’t quite right, but I still thought they looked neat, especially for a normally dry, crunchy lawn.

Tomorrow I’ll clean house. Really, I will. After work. Well, after I finish watering after work. After I plant a few more things after I water after work. After I go with Mark to check horses after I plant after I water after work. Really. I will.

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4 Responses to July 24, 2011

  1. ReNae Wheeler says:

    Even though you didn’t get your house cleaned, thanks for taking the time to post. You really have a special gift for photography and writing. I look forward to all your posts!! You make me smile! ReNae

  2. Linda says:

    LOL you sound like me….tomorrow will always be a better day to clean. I have a war on caragana’s too.

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