Hurry up and Relax!

It’s been awhile since my last post. I always think things will slow down ‘next week’ and it seems that never happens!

Last week it finally got warm; very warm! And we had our annual Garden Party at The Flower House Garden Center. We started this as a way to get everyone to come out and see our display beds and we tacked on our perennial sale, too.

We also continued The Prairie Bistro lunches up through last Saturday and had a Steak Fry to go along with the Garden Party.

Chef d’Mark set up his grill and smoker to cook sirloins, shrimp, New York Strips, halibut and ribs. We fed 90 Friday night. Saturday morning the tents were on top of the trailer! We had tied them to the building and to the pickup at 2 am because the wind had come up. We patched one of them back together and he cooked another 50 meals Saturday!

Things just kept heating up. Tuesday the heat index was 115 degrees. I have never felt humidity like that in North Dakota! Thank God it only lasted a few days. Wednesday the wind blew like crazy and was really hard on the lilies, but I got an ‘Elodie’ semi double asiatic lily to stand still long enough to snap a quick shot.

Now we have a few days to ‘hurry up and relax’ before the next round starts.

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2 Responses to Hurry up and Relax!

  1. Gail says:

    Taylor says, “What next round? I thought we were done!”

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