House on the Mouse

Our little house on the Mouse

This is our cabin after the water has gone down about 2-3 feet, judging from water marks on other cabins/homes.

This is our neighbor’s. It looks like the water was just up to the window on the right. This cabin was built in the ’30s and has withstood numerous floods. The flood of 2011 hasn’t done it any more damage than the others. It’s just waiting for family and fun! (and a bit of airing).
Shay got into his house in Minot yesterday. The water didn’t quite reach the joists on the main floor or the electrical panel. It’s still going to be a mess to clean up and they’ll have to wait for the sewer and water to be reconnected, but no lasting damage was done.
If you look closely amongst the foliage, you can see Mama Chipping Sparrow.
And I think MY life is demanding! Poor mama!
Oh, and remember me bragging about Barney, chief of farmland security? He’s lying on my living room floor right now hiding from those nasty fireworks terrorists who have been tormenting him for a week now. He has created his own doggy door by learning to push our patio screen door off it’s runner. We came home from town Sunday to find him in our house! Barney is NOT a house dog, nor does he smell like one. We are keeping the screwdriver by the door so we can re-install it everytime he hears another bang.
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3 Responses to House on the Mouse

  1. Randi says:

    I have an actual dog door, and Truman the scottie/poodle thinks barking at fireworks is the most fun he’s had… ever! So when he hears one, he jumps up, bolts out the dog door in to the yard and barks… and barks… I do have a dog that is kind of afraid, and I’ve decided I prefer scared to the excited barking of Truman.

  2. Linda says:

    Our dogs run and hide in a thunderstorm or during hunting season too. If Kits can get her nose in the truck…….she’s there for the duration.

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