Good Neighbors

Look, more rain! This one didn’t do much, though, thank God! Shay & Heidi lost their battle last night with the Mighty Mouse. They are hoping that the water has only filled the basement, as their home is built up a bit. So many have water to their rafters.

I have another feel-good story about the flood. There is a Minot resident who was traveling in Oklahoma. His son called him and told him he had better hustle home and evacuate as his home is in the flood zone. He got home as fast as he could, but he had only himself to pack up and only a pickup to haul away his possessions.  He worked all night, but the evacuation time was moved up by nearly 24 hours. In the morning he knew he wouldn’t get it all done and that he’d have to make some choices about what he could take. So he closed his eyes, said a quick prayer and looked outside. In his driveway was a pickup and 24 foot flatbed trailer. Three strangers came to his door and asked if he needed help. In 45 minutes they had his house empty. They were Mennonites from southern Manitoba who had been watching the flood news and came down just to see if they could lend a hand to anyone. It’s great to have good neighbors, even if you don’t know them!

I went down to Jon’s pasture to check the mares with Mark tonight. Looks like the mosquitoes aren’t being too hard on them.

Fancy Feathers Oriental Poppy has weathered the storms nicely. The sun is supposed to be out a bit now. Maybe summer is really here!

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4 Responses to Good Neighbors

  1. Linda says:

    Its nice to see people that will help one another whether they know each other or not.

    I love the poppy……I’m going to have to look for some seed for that one.

  2. Randi says:

    Shoot – I thought maybe Shay’s house was going to make it.

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