Waiting and Watching

Tuesday we helped evacuate our son and his family from their home in Minot and helped sandbag for a friend of a friend. This photo does no justice to what the Mouse is really doing now. A 4 foot wall of water came through the Canadian border near Sherwood today. The river rose 6 feet in 12 hours last night. The one picture we have seen of the Mouse River Park is of the water about 15 inches from the roof of a garage. The sirens sounded at 1 pm in Minot today for mandatory evacuation for nearly 12, 000 residents.

We are hoping that stacking some of the stuff on top of counters is high enough.

I just heard on www.kxnet.com that the levies WILL break in Minot, the question is when.

Thanks, Ali, for this poignant picture of Iversons watching the water filling up their home.




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6 Responses to Waiting and Watching

  1. Randi says:

    It’s just such a sick feeling, so many lives affected.

    • And so little the rest of us can do.

    • Whitney Hay says:

      I found this somewhere… and not saying that it helps the situation too much… but I’m so proud to know it’s true. Hoping for the best for your family, Sonja.

      “We are North Dakotans!! We don’t riot, we don’t loot, we don’t start cars on fire. We pick up our shovels, we pick up our neighbor’s belongings and we will pick up our lives as well. We will stand together and together we will be fine. Be proud and stay safe and we’ll see you all when we get back home.”

      • This is why Senator Conrad commented on how the rest of the country is amazed that with nearly 12,000 evacuated, there are only a few hundred in shelters. We take care of each other, whether we have met or not. And thank God for the National Guard and the US Air Force. I heard that the ND National Guard has put in more than 35,000 man-days this year alone JUST fighting floods in North Dakota. You all are amazing!

  2. Linda says:

    My heart goes out to you 😦

    • Thank you, Linda. Personally, we are alright, except our cabin, which is minor. Today they are saying Minot will get 3 feet more than they were saying yesterday. By Sunday the river will be 10 feet higher than this time today. Part of the problem is the cfs (cubic feet per second) will be out of control. The quiet Mouse usually moves along at under 2000 cfs in Minot (200 at the Park) and the water coming across the border at Sherwood was at 37,000 cfs yesterday and will be nearly 30,000 in Minot by Sunday. It is just surreal. Southern Saskatchwan is getting the same stuff, but the population is not concentrated.

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