And now there are four!

Mrs. Chipping Sparrow has laid an egg a day. Now I have seen her sitting few times. She sneaks off very quietly if I get too close. So far I haven’t been  able to photograph her, just her eggs. Tonight I gently fastened the pot to the bench with some bent wire so that if it storms (yet again!) the pot does not blow off the bench.

Michele said today she couldn’t imagine a more beautiful home than in th middle of a blooming fernleaf bleeding heart!

The Souris River is rising again. Just across the border in southern Saskatchewan between 4 and 7 inches of rain fell Friday. Our little cabin at the Mouse River Park may be under water by the weekend. Not the end of the world for us, but so many along the Mighty Mouse who have been fighting to save their homes and farms since the end of April and must be exhausted. We have friends who have been fighting the water for nearly 8 weeks.

When cropland that is not even near the flood plain looks like this, it seems it will be a long time before the water moves on. Previous floods along the Mouse River (what we locals call the Souris) were April and May. This seems to go on and on. I overheard at lunch the other day that only 10-15% of the cropland in Renville County has been planted this year.

This, however, doesn’t effect Mrs. Chipping Sparrow.

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