2011 Foal Crop


There’s got to be a way to get that mosquito off me!
Maybe if I twist my ear just right. Pleeeeeeease go away!
Aren’t I just the cutest thing you ever saw?
This is my little half-sister. She’s only a couple of weeks old. I’m 6 weeks old and much more mature than she is.
The Quarter Circle S Ranch got our 10year AQHA Breeder’s certificate in the mail last week. These Hickota fillies are our 2011 crop. If only we were better at naming our critters, we wouldn’t have to call them “Susie’s Filly” and “Sienna’s Filly”! Then they just turn into Susie and Sienna. Do you know how many Susies and Siennas we have around here? It’s a bit hard to keep them all straight when they are all sorrel or chestnut with stars and have the same names!
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