Farmland Security

Barney is getting ready to pounce on a cat. They have a special relationship. They co-exist peacefully as long as humans are not observing. However, Barney likes to show his usefulness as head of security, so, if we are watching, he stalks the cats (they are all at least semi-wild), gives chase and sometimes even pounces on them. He never hurts them. Our old mother cat even used to let him stick his nose in a nest of her new babies without any anguish. Yet, he and she used to tumble around like they were have a fight to the death in the middle of our yard. Then, suddenly, they would both quit and walk away in opposite directions.

Fred, however, can be a bit more intimidating. He is watching through the trees to get a glimpse of Winney and the fillies. He really isn’t impressed with the geldings that run next to them. He also works very hard at making sure HIS mares stay away from the other horses. No one is stealing his girls!

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3 Responses to Farmland Security

  1. dayphoto says:

    Cool post! I love learning about animals!


  2. Linda says:

    We have the same thing going on here….never thought of it as “Farmland Secuity” before though 😉

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