Alright, I give in.

I know that talking about weather is boring. But right now it seems to dominate our lives around here. We are safe and sound, just soggy after another 2 inches of rain today, followed by wind gusts of 45 mph.

But our friends in Minot and surrounding area are packing up and moving out because of high water. And Bismarck in in tough shape, also. Everyone is tired either from the constant threat of flooding or from working at protecting themselves from water in basements, etc. 

The greenhouse in Minot I visited yesterday said they will just have to turn their backs and walk away. We have a customer who has 300 cow-calf pairs in their yard because there is too much water in all of their pastures to move them out. It must be noisy! And messy.

 Our prayers go out to all of our friends who are fighting raising water in North Dakota as well as those who have fought tornados across the country. We are counting our blessings!


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3 Responses to Alright, I give in.

  1. dayphoto says:

    Too much of anything is just that too much! I hope today the weather is better. We still have lots of smoke from the wild fires in Utah and Arizona.


  2. It’s interesting that you’re getting a lot of rain and so are we in Northern California. Had about 1 inch last Saturday. That’s very ususual for us.
    In the mean time our friends in Oklahoma and Texas have having a drought. Where’s the balance?

    • Yah, it’s hard to figure out. We had more rain and storms today. In Fargo, which is a couple of hundred miles away, but usually very close to us weather-wise, they had 90 degrees; we had 54. We’ve had nearly 12 inches of precip this year and our yearly average is 13. I’d love to share, but i’d still rather have too much rain than drought. That is just so disheartening.

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