No water restrictions here!



Our record snowfall has made the water table rise to just about ground level in our part of North Dakota. Plus it has been cool and rainy. Local ranchers are frustrated because they can’t get their cows and calves out to pasture because the pastures are under water. They also can’t get hay to them because the ground is so muddy the tractors sink out of sight. And it just keeps on raining.

But we are lucky here. Our yard is a mess with frost boils and I am muddy all of the time. Sales are slow. But we get to have spring inside the greenhouses. The road to our farm is one of the few which is not under water. Our sump pump keeps working. The forecast for next week is promising. And there will be no water restrictions for the surrounding area this summer!

Clay spewing up from a frost boil in our yard.

Geraniums and Hanging Baskets
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2 Responses to No water restrictions here!

  1. Linda says:

    Hey! I didn’t know you were posting. I’ll have to add you to my feedreader now. I wish I lived closer…..I’d pick your brain about container plants that work well together……next year for sure!

    • I’ve been rather inconsistant. Hope to be a bit more regular now that Memorial Day is over and a lot of the containers are out of the greenhouse. Still lots to do, but some of the pressure is off!

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