Sorrel with a star

What do you get when you cross a sorrel stallion with a sorrel mare? Our experience dictates that you get a sorrel with a star! Funny how that works. It’s sort of a private joke around here. When we were foaling out about 8 mares a year, it’d be the same phrase everytime “it’s a sorrel with a star!”

Susie (the mare) always gives us nice babies. This little filly is just a few hours old in this photo. I couldn’t get the picture because Susie is extremely protective the first week or so and I had to let Mark get up close enough for a picture. After she is sure her young ones are strong enough to run, she relaxes, but we always have to watch out for her temper those first few days. Her full sister, Rose, was completely opposite the first year she foaled. She actually abandoned her first foal and we had to tie and hobble her to let the foal suck. The maternal instinct kicked in later though. Then watch out!

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1 Response to Sorrel with a star

  1. One year I bred a sorrel mare with a few socks & a short strip on her face to a sorrel stud with no white at all. Got a sorrel filly w/ a star! (There’s your theory!) Then I bred her back to the same stud a few years later and got a sorrel colt with a perfect set of evenly matched stockings & a star, stripe & snip. Go figure!

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