April is going out like a lion!

Remember this photo from earlier this week?


April 26

 This is exactly the same scene from today.

April 30


 Yep, it’s really the last day of April.  I tried to get into this greenhouse to give it one last check tonight and the doors are frozen shut. I guess that’s better than blowing open!
Our yard is full of of frost boils. The 25 ton garbage truck found one yesterday. This is getting really old!
But inside, it was still spring, 8 children, including my granddaughter, Mady, played in the dirt and we served lunch without electricity.
Tomorrow is another day and the sun is supposed to come out. Can’t wait!
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5 Responses to April is going out like a lion!

  1. Robbie Smith says:

    What a day! Love the pics.

  2. ReNae Wheeler says:

    Sonja – I love your posts and the pictures are fabulous. I so look forward to each one. We (Cindy and I) are headed up your way soon!

  3. Linda says:

    I love the top pic! I don’t envy you the problems you had though. For some reason I had you pictured as a 30 year old……not nearly old enough for a grandchild 😉

    • I wish! No, I really don’t want to go back to 30! I’ll be 47 on Friday, but I did the grandchild thing right. I have stepsons who are not a lot younger than I am. That way I didn’t have to go through the teething, waiting up for teenagers, etc! Thanks, tho!

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