The promise of spring

 The Saturday before Easter spring finally arrived on the Northern Plains. The sun shone and it was actually warm out. The crocus’ which had been budded opened their faces to the sky. They are still the only splashes of color in the brown, dirty yard, but they bring hope!

We’ve just had our eighth container planting workshop at the garden center. Everyone has so much fun; especially at the Dirty Dining events. We feed everyone a gourmet meal before the class, then the group gets to play in the dirt! One more to go. Hope we can find enough room for all of the pretty planters!

Sorry the posts are so infrequent. I’m super-swamped (that is a bit of a joke, considering there is water everywhere!) trying to find room for everything and get the place looking ship-shape before our Mother’s Day open house. I’m under house-arrest today as I had my wisdom teeth pulled and have been banished from work. Tomorrow.

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4 Responses to The promise of spring

  1. Robbie Smith says:

    You still worked…even though you weren’t supposed to…naughty. Hope you are still feeling ok.

  2. Randi says:

    Be careful about promising spring, Sonja… LOL. I can’t believe some greedy dentist (cough..cough..Keup, ha!) didn’t get your wisdom teeth before now! Rest up!

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