Chicken Tortilla Thursday

It’s been a crazy week. I guess they all are this time of year. We started serving lunches at The Flower House Garden Center on Monday. Everyone has been  waiting for  Chicken Tortilla Soup. Today was the day! Too bad it was so cold and miserable outside.

I was almost ready to clean up the lunch stuff when I saw a Border Patrol vehicle pull up. Keep in mind we are located out in the country. We are not a restaurant in town. So the first SUV pulls up and I figured it was a local Border Patrol who comes out regularly with his family. Then another pulls up. Then another. All of a sudden there are 6 official-looking SUVs in my muddy yard. And nine officers walk in. Didn’t know a single one of them. But they did look hungry! We got them all filled up on soup and panini and off they went. I’m sure that anyone headed west from Mohall at about 2 pm wondered if I’ve been hiring illegal immigrants!

Tonight I’ve been getting ready for our second Dirty Dining tomorrow night.

We serve a gourmet meal to about 20 ladies and then we do a planter workshop where they get to plant their planters and we keep them until it gets nice. Hope that isn’t July 4! Creme Brulee is served in Fiesta teacups.

Some cool new Hens & Chicks came today, too. Bet they wish they were still in South Carolina!

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