I love, love, love the Miracle of Spring!

Tulips poking through the tundra.
This time of the year is always chaotic. Greenhouses are overflowing, weather doesn’t cooperate, the phone rings off the hook. But in the last couple of days our over-abundance of snow has quickly dissapated. And little miracles show up here and there. Like these tulips and daffodils pushing up through the mulch.

And this brave Asiatic lily.
Now, if I can just keep the deer from thinking they are for snacking!
I really enjoy wandering around the yard and delighting in the crocus showing blossom color almost before the leaves green up, the coral bells all bright in the center even though last year’s leaves are brown and crackly, the chives pushing up toward the sun. That’s when I remember what it’s all about.  
Mia’s 4 year old getting a bit of spring out of her step before the first ride of the year.
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