High Water

We’ve been aching for spring around here. After three years in a row of above average rainfall and near record snowfall it doesn’t take much of a melt to turn our normally dry countryside into a solid lake. This week our friends/neighbors a couple of miles south of us had to call in help in a hurry when the creek rose.

Nearly under water.

According to local news tonight, even this piece of road is under water now. Nancy said it has been 30 years since they have seen anything like this.


This is a whirlpool about a mile away. It is right next to the highway over a culvert. I had a childish urge to throw something in it a see if it comes out the other side of the road!

King Tut
Today King Tut came around to the south side of the house. Apparently the rooster in our bedroom window was boring, so he had to check out a new intruder!
Black Velvet



Rim  Ray Purple
More than pansies are blooming now in the greenhouse. These are four new varieties for 2011. The first black petunia ever and two of its sister varieties. And sweet little Rim Ray Purple is nicer than a black petunia, don’t you think?
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