Spring has sprung!

A fellow blogger wrote that it is now her New Year because the calving has started. I know exactly what she means, because today we feel as if spring is finally here. It isn’t the nice (40 degree) temperatures and sunshine, although we certainly enjoy that. It is the chaos that comes with the season!

In my last blog I wrote that no horse is an island. I was wrong.

There were actually 8 mares on this ever-shrinking island on Saturday.

On Sunday morning Clara III hadn’t been brave enough yet to cross the chilly 4 inches of water separating her from the other mares in the stud pen. Or was she just smart enough to keep a bale all to herself? Not sure.
It’s amazing how fast things can change on the prairie. We had been warned of 9 inches of new snow, but by 4 pm, the sun was out and we had only accumulated about 3 inches.

So today dawned bright and cold. Especially because I forgot to check the propane on Friday and my greenhouses were at 43 degrees! Way too cold. Way too dumb. No excuse for that. Thank God our propane guy has been with us for 25 years and lives a hop, skip and a jump away! And is good-natured enough not to growl at 7 am about my failings as a greenhouse manager.

So today the spring chaos rolled in like a marching band. No heat, taxes to finish, meals to cater, plugs to plant, employees to keep busy. Oh, and I also forgot I promised to give a talk in Minot tomorrow on something plant related. That’s almost as dumb as forgetting the propane!

But when all is said and done, this is what spring is all about and what we drudge through the winter to get to. And it is what makes my adrenaline kick in. And what finally gets me going. I know I have friends who will remind me of this at very inappropriate (my definition) times, but this is when I function best (don’t tell anyone). Spring is really here. Now, what else have I forgotten?

 Oh, yes, that talk. Hmmmm.
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3 Responses to Spring has sprung!

  1. Nancy Frid says:

    Hey Sonja! Is there a way to automatically receive your blogs … or is there always a link on FB? Don’t want to miss any!

  2. Love the pansies in the green house!
    Am guessing that mare wanted the whole bale to herself.

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