It was a dreary drive to Bismarck. I feel like I could do the 160 miles in my sleep, I’ve done it so often lately. But Bismarck is a decent place to be, especially when the to-do list at home seems not to change. And I was meeting with some of my favorite and most inspiring people.

Pride of Dakota is a marketing division of the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. We had a social with our state legislators tonight. We grazed on North Dakota products: lamb from Catherine’s for Lamb, coffee from Mojo Roast, vegetable dip from Thunderbird Ranch, Scotcheroos made with Sunbutter (sunflowerseed butter). Oh, and of course, 6 North Dakota wineries sampled their wares. Hmmmm. I contributed Licorice and Nutty Caramels. It’s pretty amazing what creative pioneers can do out in the middle of nowhere! I met a guy who motorizes scooters, visited with an amazing woman who does organic pest control (she’s a national company) and shared a table with some great retailers.

Nutty Caramels ready for cutting and wrapping.

I didn’t have anything for photos today so we’ll have to settle for 13 pounds of Nutty Caramels! Sure beats a snow photo, doesn’t it! 


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