A Weed is a plant out of place!

One tough Dandelion!


This toughy showed up in the cracks between our granite slabs in the greenhouse this week. The root got established last spring. We closed up the greenhouse in July. The heat often rose up to 130 degrees. We did not water in there and the rain did not fall. Then winter came. Granted, we didn’t get really cold. I mean, it only went down to about 20 below zero this winter, never the 40 below that is common here. It gets as cold inside that greenhouse as it is outside at night. Warms up during the day. This is really hard on most perennials, weeds or not. Really hot. Really cold. Really dry.  Yet this little miracle (I’ll call it something else later when I can’t get rid of it!) took it’s first chance when it had consistant warmth and moisture to green up and bloom it’s fool head off! Just another example of God’s simple gifts!

Robbie spread geraniums today. When they start to touch each other, it’s time to give them more room to grow. See the snow piled up outside the two layers of plastic? Just think of the propane it takes to keep it 70 degrees inside with just a bit of plastic and airspace between that fragile green and the icy snow.


  Yellow Boy Marigolds popped through the germination mix yesterday. Won’t be long and they’ll be as bright yellow as that dandelion! 

Orange Smoothie

This thunbergia brightened our day today. It really isn’t as big as it looks. But it is as bright as it looks!

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