Only the best come north

Our local Air Force Base has as it’s motto that “Only the Best Come North.” We also like to say that our weather keeps the riff-raff out. Whatever the case, I finally saw the best and bravest of the goose-world today.

The few and the brave.

I’m not so sure they are thinking they are real smart right about now, though! Our temperatures have been right at zero as the sun comes up the past couple of days.

Mark & I had run down to our summer home to check on things. Doesn’t look too appealing, yet!

On the banks of the River Mouse!

This tiny cabin is just 15 miles from home, but is a lovely escape when summer gets too hectic. Of course, at 14×18 and with no plumbing (indoor or out!), I can’t say we’re in the lap of luxury.

King Tut has finally felt confident enough to let one of his harem up onto our deck. She is much more photogenic than he.

Yesterday we fed the geldings/stud colts while the sun was still shining. Zeke and Winny gossiped over the fence while the young ones ran around. They were like a couple of old ladies passing judgement.

Did you see her hair?!?

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4 Responses to Only the best come north

  1. sartenada says:

    This is good start to continue with Your blogs. The second photo from the top is looking like very typical we see here. 🙂

  2. dayphoto says:

    This is a cute post! You did a good job with it!


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