It’s officially Spring (at least according to the calendar)!

Mother Nature decided to torture us again this week. On Sunday the calendar officially turned over to Spring. Yet, today, we had 40  mile an hour winds and 8 inches of snow.

Iron Buck braving the blizzard

Barney, farm security supervisor, was not so sure the calendar was right!

Farmland Security

Even King Tut, thought it looked nicer inside than out.

King Tut


Actually, King Tut comes around to look at himself in the window and even tries to pick fights with himself. Mark has been leaving corn and oats on the deck for him to eat. Selfish boy hasn’t told his girlfriends there is food up here. I think he’s afraid that handsome pheasant rooster in the window will try to steal them away!

However, in the greenhouse we can still pretend that March 20th really is spring. We’ve got all the plugs that came in last week planted up and they are rooting out nicely.

Waiting to grow up!

Waiting to grow up!

We’ve planted up several hundred hanging baskets. It’s hard to believe they’ll be full and glorious in a couple of months (that is, of course, if the power stays on and I can keep them warm!).

Baby Basket

 The blizzard warning has just been lifted, so hopefully the girls can all make it to work tomorrow! If only this was the last storm of the season. I’ll be sure of that June 1!

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2 Responses to It’s officially Spring (at least according to the calendar)!

  1. sartenada says:

    I love those first two photos. The iron buck looks awesome and Barney so cute.

    We have full winter here and I wait for spring although according calendar it is just here. The amount of snow is about 20 inches. Nights are still cold and we have some hope that melting of snow will start within few days.

    My parents-in-law had a greenhouse, where they grew flowers; I mean cut flowers to be sold.

    Have a wonderful day!

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