Melting Pot

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m lucky to say I’m a bit o’this and a bit o’that. Norwegian, Alsatian (French/German), French, English, Irish, Scottish. And probably a few other things I don’t know about! I guess that makes me pretty much American. What’s even better, I got lucky enough to have been born and raised in North Dakota where small towns are still small towns, we know and respect our neighbors and come to each other’s aid in a crisis. I absolutely love traveling to other towns, states and countries, but love coming home!

Okay, enough sappy stuff. I really didn’t intend to go there, but there you are!

Is it spring yet?

I couldn’t find anything light and springy for photos today. The snow is all dirty and the slush was frozen today. Good for breaking ankles and not much more. But I did take this photo a couple of weeks ago and it is one of my favorites. Our AQHA stallion Hickota (we call him Fred) and his two girlfriends ran out the open gate while Mark was hauling in a bale of hay. I was on crutches and wasn’t much good for gate-watching so he was hoping Fred and the girls would be polite and stay in the pasture. Instead, they decided to explore a bit. Fred saw this red horse looking at him (his own reflection) through the door to our main greenhouse building and was fascinated. Was this strange horse going to try to take his mares from him? I guess he didn’t smell scary, ‘cuz he finally gave up his stare-down and moved off to look for better scenery.

One of the down-sides of having a retail business is waste. We hauled 1000 pounds (yes, that’s half a ton!) of cardboard to Minot today for recycling. That is about 6 months of storing boxes from cases of nuts, butter, meat, shipping containers, plant material and giftware.  Now we get to start all over again!
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