Rings 1 and 2 of the 3 ring Circus!

 Today was a typical crazy day on the QCS Ranch. It started cold and gloomy and the list of to-do’s was a mile long. Katie (my greenhouse elf) moved plants and hanging baskets into the west greenhouse ‘cuz the east one was overflowing and one of the heaters in the west house was supposed to be replaced today. I had a salesman here for most of the morning while she did the footwork.

Robbie (my kitchen elf) spent the day making Corned Beef Panini, Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice soup and cookies for a meal we (The Prairie Bistro) were catering tonight.

Looks like work to me!

At noon 25 boxes of plant material showed up wanting to see sunshine and more soil. Of course, the heater didn’t show up (I’m praying for no wind and not too cold tonight. One heater is almost enough.)

But the sun did shine, the snow did start to melt and I got to live vicariously through my friend who called and said she has ridden 3 days in a row now that the ice is off the road.

Nothing like the smell of sweaty horse to lift your spirits!

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